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Current stock list:  Updated 13.05.14

 Apollo           Driftwood              2.90m x 2.00m         £20 
 Apollo Conker  1.10m x 4.00m  £10 
 Primo Plus Brown  5.45m x 0.98m  £10 
 100% Polyprop Twist      Oatmeal  4.00m x 1.30m  £10 
 100% Polyprop Loop Beige 5.40m x 1.30m £10 
 Home Counties 42oz Gunmetal  1.25m x 0.95m  £10 
 Home Counties 42oz Gunmetal 0.85m x 3.60m £10
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 1.60m x 1.70m £10
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 4.25m x 1.30m £10
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 4.40m x 1.70m £10
 Texas Action Caramel 2.20m x 4.00m £30
 Stainaway Harvest Almond 2.20m x 4.00m £30
 Vinyl Wood plank 1.95m x 2.00m £15
 Apollo Beachcomber 1.50m x 5.00m £30
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 4.90m x 1.00m £15
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 1.35m x 2.00m £15
 Home Counties 42oz Fossil 1.10m x 3.60m £10
 Island Weave Loop Beige 1.90m x 2.10m £20
 Timeless Night Jewel 2.20m x 4.00m £30
 Primo Plus Beige 3.35m x 1.50m £15
 Berber Style Wool Loop Beige 2.70m x 1.30m £20
 Apollo Driftwood 1.30m x 3.70m £10
 Thames Ocean Stripe 2.30m x 4.00m £30
 Revolution Rose 2.20m x 4.00m £30

More remnants added weekly